My order was delivered very quickly. Each item arrived piping hot and delicious.
Very good service, fast!
It was decent takeout. Nothing special to give a wow factor. Yung chow fried rice was not Yung chow fried rice but regular fried rice. I asked for no pork in rice but pork was added.
could have done without the zucchini in the oyster sauce beef. Other than that, everything was great. delivery was prompt.
I ordered dinner for four and was definitely amazed by this restaurant! We got the orders of salt and pepper calamari, black pepper and onions pork chops, as well as our regular order of combination fried rice, wonton soup, spicy eggplant, string beans with garlic, and potstickers. The best part: we received a complimentary order of crab rangoon which we enjoyed with Thai iced tea. What a wonderful surprise! I will definitely order from here again! Everything arrived piping hot, no need to re-heat anything. This restaurant uses only the freshest ingredients, so each dish is just perfect. The calamari dish was our favorite, though the pork chops were very good also! But, when children ask for second helpings of vegetables, you know the dish is wonderful. The food is great, the prices are very reasonable, and the delivery service is fast. Highly recommend!
I really love this restaurant. The manager and staff do everything possible to make sure you enjoy the food you order. I wanted to try a menu item that I never ordered before. The waiter was very polite and advised me first to try a test taste. I was glad he did. I like to be adventurous but... I was grateful when I received a delicious substitution. Amazing Kitchen is reliable and are customer service oriented. They work hard to earn your trust and understand how some customers might have a hard time dealing with a menu item that has a strong aroma or taste. I highly recommend the Walnut Prawns. You can tell when fresh, whole ingredients are used and this is the place to come and enjoy fine cuisine. I will be back very soon. Many thanks!
Any questions please call us.